Substandard Age Rating
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Substandard Age Rating

Proposals And NegotiationsStructured settlements can provide significantly greater benefits at lower costs if the injured party suffers from a medical condition that reduces life expectancy. The medical condition does not need to be related to the accident involved in the claim. Medical records are submitted to the life insurance underwriters for an independent evaluation of future life expectancy. The underwriter arrives at an "age rating" which can range from the actual age of the claimant to an older age, reflecting a reduced life expectancy. The greater the difference between the actual age and rated age, the less expensive a lifetime benefit will be because the person is viewed as older. Benefits that are not life contingent do not qualify for an age rating since their pricing is based on a certain period of time or guaranteed lump sum payment.

In order to obtain a substandard age rating, copies of certain medical records should be submitted to us, especially hospital intake records discharge summaries, rehab admission and discharge reports, and records that refer to past or unrelated medical conditions.

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