Proposals And Negotiations
Preferred Settlements, Inc.

Proposals And Negotiations

Proposals And NegotiationsPreferred Settlements, Inc. provides customized structured settlement quotes which are quoted with highly rated life insurance companies. These proposals are uniquely tailored to meet an injured party’s individual future financial needs. When a request is made, structured settlement quote proposals are quickly provided, with an effort to provide the proposal within minutes of the request. We are glad to provide additional options as requested. We will obtain rated ages, should these be appropriate, for the structured settlement proposal. There are no fees for these services.

Our team has extensive claims negotiation experience. We often provide settlement negotiation services to our clients. These services are provided free of charge. We are available to assist in the determination of a reasonable and accurate value for your case. Our complimentary services also include attendance at mediations and settlement conferences. We would like to partner with you on your settlement efforts.

Preferred Settlements, Inc.

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