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Our business is serving you by providing personal and responsive service and expertise. Preferred Settlements, Inc. has many years of experience in the negotiation and settlement of claims. As structured settlement brokers we aim to provide the best structured settlement resolution which will be beneficial to all parties involved. Our passion is providing the highest level of service and expertise to our clients.

What Is A Structured Settlement?

What is a structured settlement

A structured settlement is the payment of a personal injury, wrongful death, or workers compensation settlement in the form of periodic payments rather than in one lump sum. The payments may be scheduled for any length of time, even as long as the claimant's lifetime. Payments can be scheduled to meet future income needs such as college education, medical expenses or retirement. The payments are typically funded by annuities, reinsurance, or occasionally, US government obligations.

These future periodic payments are excluded from the recipient’s gross income under IRS Section 104(a) (1) for Worker’s Compensation settlements and Section 104(a) (2) for Personal Physical Injury settlements.

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About Structured Settlements

In today's uncertain financial climate, a structured settlement offers peace of mind. An injured party's structured settlement provides a stream of future payments specifically tailored to their personal and family needs. The injured party doesn't have to worry about the responsibilities and risks of managing a lump sum settlement to meet the needs of a lifetime. The payments come from highly rated and financially secure life insurance companies. Federal law regulates how structured settlements are established and designed.

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